Odes to the Vinos

It all started so innocently.

Well, sort of "innocently"....

Friday night we decided to do a bit of a wine tasting.  I thought we’d compare a little: 2 Pinot Grigios, 2 Malbecs and 2 random reds …. for 6 of us.   Not surprisingly, we ended up with 10 bottles for the seven of us, which landed us at The Burren at midnight showing off our temporary tattoos…  What can I say?  We’re a classy crew.   I asked this crew to help me write the blog entry for these wines… lucky for you? Actually happened.  I am going to share with you their “thoughts” on the wines we tasted.  But what you need to know first, is that these “thoughts” came together collaboratively, drunkenly, towards the latter part in the evening.  It was really a beautiful thing, but the poems (yes, poems) make just slightly less sense now, assuming you’re sober as you read this.

These are the first 4 wines (BUBBLY to white):  ( We drank 8 bottles of wine. Seriously. Just “reviewing” a few…):

First 3 bottles: Mont Marcal Cava, Ecco DOmani Pinot Grigio, Riff Piont Grigio

First up! Wineguy of the evening was nice enough to bring two really fantastic bottles I wasn’t expecting– the first was a 2006 Mont Marcal Cava.  It was fantastic– many responses:

  • “*Crisp, bubbly”
  • “I ❤ bubbly”
  • “Not good with cheese IN wine” (note: not a typo. did I mention we are classy?)
  • “Not too sweet, good for regular food or dessert” (juliauncorked interpretation: it’s light enough that it won’t overpower food, but a spicy and bold flavored food would over power it)
  • And lastly, An Ode to the Cava:
  • “Thank you Baruer Wines
  • Two Thousand Six Cava Rocks
  • Yeast, Depth and Kickass

“Thoughts” on Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

  • Smells like Cheese
  • Ew
  • Lovely like the morning dew (no really, direct quote)
  • And an Ode to Domani:
  • This Ecco Domani make me think of you
  • And even if it smells like cheese
  • This wine still makes me weak in the knees

White to RED!
(please excuse price tags, I took the pic before people had a chance to remove ’em!)  Here we have:

    Domaine de Rome 2008 Sancerre (swoon. seriously); Punto Final Malbec, Argento Malbec, Chateau Les Arqueys Cabernet Sauvignon.

    I’m going to start with a quick synopsis of the Sancerre, which rocked my socks.  And it’s white.  Seriously? I was really impressed:
    Medium-bodied, rather dry wine which but with hints of  berries, citrus and lemon. Doesn’t overwhelm you aromatically– gentle light smell of lemony goodness.   Super well balanced- good taste up front, nice zing at the finish, but didn’t hold on too long at all.

    But on with the poetry, as promised:

    Regarding the Argento Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina (JuliaUncorked: Very fruity taste with hints of oak, blackberries and vanilla. The slight bittersweet taste of currant fruit has a nice balance with a bit of almost nutmeg spice– a little sweet.  It’s got some tannins that help the taste linger till the last drop! nom nom!)

    An Ode to an Argento :

    The Argento Malbec of 2008

    when drunk with chees goes down great

    I sat at the table with lovely ladies and a man

    and never shall i deviate from the Argento aga’n.

    These were the last 2 that I have a photo for:  Caracol Serrano Jumilla (Spanish Cabernet,  Syrah mix) and Caparone Cabernet (French Cabernet):

    No real review of these…just one last ode to wine:

    While drinking wine over cheese and crackers

    One oft’ questions the humorous factors

    Funny or frightening- you never can tell

    But one  more glass of red and all will be well.

    To finish off with proof that we overly enjoyed our evening and that we’re super classy:

    *This post could use some serious detail… but… I promised I’d post by today.  So, I’ll try to update shortly 🙂

3 Responses to “Odes to the Vinos”

  1. read this at work – busted a gut – had to explain to boss why i busted a gut.

    i think this is the best blog yet…you could develop a real following with material like this (half educational wine blog, half texts-from-last-night). i guess that means more friday wine nights…and more saturday hangovers, oh no!

  2. SaintStephen2 Says:

    This sounds like a sloppy night. Wish I was there! When I lived in Barcelona I tried to get into Cava but never could. I do love Malbec.

  3. Loving the poetry! Sounds like you guys had a hilarious and fun night of wine “tasting”. Keep the excellent blog posts rolling.

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