Wine Flight!

Robin Williams and a little red wine absolutely MADE my trip to London.

It seems like an odd combination, and well, it is.  But let me start from the beginning.  My trip to Italy started at 9pm from Boston.  I flew British Airways, which is an airline I enjoy- they’re pretty service oriented and who doesn’t want to be serviced on an airplane?  (insert jokes, here).  I also have a slight crush on Brits.  I think it’s because of interactions like this:  I boarded the plane and when I gave the attendant my seat assignment she responded,“lovely!” as if I had anything to do with it.  But it just made me feel good, thinking to myself “yes, what a lovely seat assignment I’ve got, in that I will actually be seated for my trip to London.”  In any event, on my way to my lovely seat, I spotted this:

Yes, that’s right.  Double decker!  It must be the British- they like their transportation to have levels apparently.  I wonder if it’s more efficient fuel wise…  Anyway, I asked if I could take some pictures after we landed which, clearly, I did.  I’m an 8 year old at times.  An 8 year old who loves wine.  …Speaking of which….

Seeing as my flight took off at 9pm and I was on vacation, when I was offered a few glasses of wine (free of charge, helloooo service), I said YES!    I was impressed, there were 2! options for red wine.  A CA Merlot and an Argentinian Malbec.  For anyone who’s read the blog or has ever seen me order wine, you know which I picked.  Obviously.  I’m not sure I’ve ever officially reviewed this wine, but it’s actually quite good.  Argento Malbec: 2008!  I paired my wine tasting experience with Robin Williams’ new stand up, which although has some recycled parts, I absolutely loved.  I’d easily watch it again because I was laughing out loud on the plane… by myself, in front of several strangers.  But I knew the laughs were requisite, so etiquette to the wind!  I loved my pairing of Wine and Williams.  This is a great wine and while I could say LOTS, I’m going to keep it short and sweet, a little like the wine itself!

Quick Basics:

Country Argentina
Region Mendoza
Grape Malbec
Style Medium-bodied
ABV 13.1%

I change the “basics” every time I review a wine.  Does anyone notice or care?  It’s just basically what I can find that I find most interesting at the time…

The taste of the wine is quite spicy, relying a little less simple fruit and a little more on a combination of (as far as I could smell and taste) pepper and blackberry.  The color is super deep, which is often an indicator of a bit more of an earthy-taste, which this has too.  To be honest, I love red, I love Malbec so I had this completely on its own to help kick start the whole sleeping thing (which worked by the way, science be damned), but I would most highly suggest pairing this with meat.  It’s got such good flavor, it’s a solid wine in balance and good acidity keeping it surprisingly light in texture… that I think it goes wonderfully with most hearty fares.

It was a good trip… I got into London without an issue.  Took 2 hours to write and read and I’m on my way to Venice!  Will update with more wine soon!

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