Up a Creek! Deliciously.

Hola!  So, I have a few oldie-but-goody posts I’ve been meaning to write for a while.  I guess that just means I’ve had several bottles of wine lately that I haven’t mentioned publicly 🙂   And one of those I didn’t write about because it’s kind of a gimme- everyone has had this wine and I actually think it’s a fabulous go-to wine for ANYONE looking for a Shiraz.  I promise I will be bringing you  something really cool that you don’t even know about in the near future!  (I love that movie.)  Now, onto the review…

Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz 2006!

This is a classic, smooth, fruity, balanced wine.  I realllly enjoy it.  Quickly, to explain what the heck “reserve” means.   Reserve wine is a term for wines whose grapes are of particularly high quality, at least, higher quality than the usual bottle.   However, I should note there is actually a little more flexibility with the term.  Similar to the looseness of the definition of “Old Vine” for Zinfandels, “Reserve” can also be given to bottles made of grapes better suited for a long aging process, or  for NO reason except marketing!  Those schemers…

In THIS case, Jacob’s Creek claims it’s actually using premium, carefully selected grapes of a luscious, perfectly aged type.  After the harvest the of “premium Shiraz fruit,” they are carefully crushed and destemmed into a range of fermenters and inoculated with a chosen strain of neutral yeast.  Then the vineyard sets the fermentation process to a very carefully controlled temperature 8-28 degrees C) and length (15 days) which  informs the “perfected” color, tannin and flavor that is extracted from the skin.  From there it’s into the barrels~ new and old French and American oak.  Mmmm, I love oak.

Harvest Date: March – April 2006
Alcohol: 14.3% Alc
Total Acid: 6.0g/L
pH: 3.53

Smell: This wine has a really fruity aroma– you can get a quick whif of  blueberry-blackberry fruit, violets, (sliiight) mint and chocolate  (how could I not like this?!).

Taste: The taste really lives up to the initial promise of the aroma- lots of fruit, a little herbal mint quality, and some darker cherry/chocolate taste.    In addition- you can a hint of the oaky taste especially through the finish.

Texture: Ok, rarely do I say “silky” about anything… but this wine earns that description.  It’s actually silky in your mouth  (is that what she said?).  It’s got a great consistency, which I rarely talk about but consistency can have a big impact on taste.  This one was noticeably full, but NOT soupy (think… cheap chardonnays that just linnnnger on your tongue).  This is actually where “legs” come in- the thickness of the wine is what shows up on your glass when you’re swishing it to look at its legs- a thin wine won’t leave any and a thick one will coat the glass in red (see? not always a good thing despite what those wine snobs at dinner might be saying).   It’s really well balanced- starts with some immense berry flavor, travels through the palate hanging on with the pepper and chocolate in the middle and finishes with a slight smokey-quality that the oak barrels have given it.  It lingers just a little while and you are totally ready for your next sip.  It doesn’t finish with vigor- you wo’t memorize the taste (yes… this was written from notes because I’m a dork…), but the slip side of that is that it doesn’t get in the way of anything you’re trying to taste at dinner (or lunch or breakfast… I don’t judge.  Maybe a little. Who’s having wine with breakfast!?)

One random thing I’ve heard?  Apparently, viogniers have figured out that this award-winning wine will age quite well and is great from now (2010) through 2015.

Overall? Fantastic.  I’ve paired this wine with roasted chicken to chili and I think it stands up incredibly well.  I think it would pair well with almost anything and is really a great choice to drink on its own with perhaps a soft cheese and fresh bread.  Price wise, it’s up there.  I got this on sale for $17, but it’s  worth the meager splurge for a guaranteed hit!

JuliaUncorked Says: 8.9/10.  Solid choice all around!

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