Uno Mas more please! Review: Cotes du Rhone Villages “Khayyam”‘

I was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful bottle of red the other night with my roommate from college on her birthday! I brought the bottle for HER technically, but you all know better than to think I wouldn’t insist on perhaps trying a little myself… The bottle came from one of my favorite wine shops: Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square, Somerville. I truly adore this place for many reasons: wine, chocolate, beet salad (best in town), meats, cheeses pretty much anything you could really need in life, they serve. However, I can’t lie, this isn’t the place to go on the cheap. The shop carries the best, unique treats, from sandwiches to homemade pastas, they’ve got the a most UNIQUE selection around, which is quite true of their wine selection as well.  That means… they don’t really sell to the under $12 per bottle crowd. If you’re looking for a birthday present for someone who loves wine though… this is ideal! (HINT HINT, my birthday is coming up….) Haha.

These are the college roommates: I’m so lucky 3/4 of us enjoyed this bottle together because we live THAT close!  #notreadytobeonmyown 🙂

The wine guru at Dave’s Fresh Pasta is Felicia (aka Flea for short).  She REALLY knows her stuff and she suggested this bottle:

2009 Mas de Libian Cotes du Rhone Villages “Khayyam”

“KHAYYÂM”: Produced in honor of Omar Khayyâm, 11th century muslim Persian poet and mathematician who has written hundreds of texts celebrating wine and women. Carpe Diem philosophy.

Terroir: rolled pebbles.
Blend: 75 % grenache noir / 15 % Syrah / 10 % Mourvèdre
Farming method: biodynamic (still researching EXACTLY what this vineyard does. See note below)
Method used: Gobelet cut for the grenache and removal of the “anticipés” (early shoots); wiring on syrah with deleafing
Harvest: Entirely manual with “strict” selection at the plot.

Tasting Notes! Aka: The deliciousness

Color: Dark ruby! You know how I like my purple wines, but when I typically have French wines, I don’t pay enough for that kind of quality (earthy, aged richness = purple).  So, this was honestly really good looking just from the start.

Body: Hubba, hubba. That’s right, it had a nice, full body. It was dynamic through the palette, filled my mouth with taste and aroma, balanced nicely in the finish, too! It was a little subtle during the first part of the sip but after some ‘breathing’ in my glass- you could get a really nice full, texture throughout the taste.

Flavor: FULL of it. Dense, spicy. Notes of… blackberry, black cherry, licorice, chocolate and smoke. Yeah, I know that sounds like a circus of a wine, but they all came together really smoothly in the finish, with a tannic quality that left your tongue with just a little of the spicy softness of the cocoa. YUM!

Dorky Notes

1. Spicy, bold Grenache’s are not something I’m accustomed to coming from France.  However, this wine featured a perfect balance in its blend so that the fruit, spice and gentle art of balance in the wine is something very common in good French wines.  I did a little research into the blend itself and found this ‘juicy’ tidbit: Mourvèdre produces tannic wines that can be high in alcohol, and is most successful in Rhone-style blends. It has a particular affinity for Grenache, softening it and giving it structure. Its taste varies greatly according to area, but often has a wild, gamey or earthy flavour, with soft red fruit flavours.

2.  The Vineyard is completely (certified) organic, as they have been for 30 years.

3.  They turned to biodynamic growing in 2006. With a little help from the wiki… biodynamic vinticulture “stems” (I crack myself up) from the ideas of a famed Agriculture Course in 1924, predating most of the organic movement. The practices of biodynamics are based on an understanding the ecological, the energetic, and the spiritual in nature.  As a practical method of farming, biodynamics embodies the ideal of ever-increasing ecological self-sufficiency- horses instead of motors, and a fundamental appreciate of the interconnectedness of the environmental systems used to grow the grapes themselves, with a specific emphasis on the importance of the spiritual energy balance the earth provides its farmers.  Interesting stuff, right?!? (Hey… I already admitted my affinity for dork-dom.)

JuliaUncorked says: 9/10! This is one of the best wines I’ve had. I would HIGHLY recommend it for a special occasion as it’s price point is a little steep for a casual drink… at $17. Well worth it! Find it at  In fact, while you’re there, pick up a some Wild Mushroom or Chicken Sausage & Fennel ravioli for a perfect pairing!

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  1. mmm, sounds good! im going out with my college girlfriends this weekend to mohegan.. it’s so fun getting together with old friends and even better over a great bottle of vino! cheers!

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