Vinho Verde: A bubbly treat!

Alas, it’s been much too long!

I’m taking a moment to revive this appetizing (if I do say so myself) blog.  It’s clearly been much too long since I’ve reviewed a good wine and I have several up my sleeve.  My choice for this post is a wine I first tried two years ago near birthday in May, which is when I believe it should be had … and June, July, August… well really, I guess it’s great most of the time.  It’s an effervescent “green” wine, however, and I think it really ‘sparkles’ in summer months.  And because it’s Boston and I’m freezing, I thought I’d take a few moments to daydream of warmer months.


Vinho Verde: Casal Garcia

Let’s begin with the basics:
Where: Portugal
When: It’s a “nonvintage” wine– so drink the one you find!
What: Vinho Verde. Vinho Verde does not refer to a particular grape variety. Rather, the term means “green wine” in Portuguese and refers to a wine growing region in the northern part of this country. All you need to know is that wines from this region in Portugal – particularly the white wines – have a clean, crisp taste rare for many wines this young at this price.

Review of Casal Garcia

casal-garcia-vinho-verdeThe Casal Garcia is blend of four grapes: Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto and Azal. To be honest– I’m not familiar with these grapes. Though it’s worth noting that some wineries call one grape one name and they’re a completely different name somewhere else. Think– “Shiraz” versus “Syrah.”  In any event, these are the grape varietals but the percentage breakdown is not clear and based on all of this—I don’t think it makes a huge difference.

One remarkable thing about this wine—is its consistency.  Casal Garcia creates just the right blend year in and year out, so I wouldn’t bother paying too much attention to the vintages.  The taste is completely… refreshing.  Rather than the buttery, or sweet, type of white wine you may be accustomed to, this wine is crisp with a bite of citrus and of course… has a nice bubbly consistency that is ideal in the summer months.

Rather, the Casal Garcia goes down smooth and easy and light as an early morning ocean breeze. If you like Tanqueray and tonics with a twist of lime, you’ll love the Casal Garcia.

And, it may be sacriledge in the oenophilic world to say it—but I love this brilliant sparkler vino with just an ice cube or 2!

JuliaUncorked says:
Taste: Delicious, tangy, refreshing and… makes me think of warm summer days.
Price: On average, this is a $7 wine!
Alcohol content: 10% ABV.  Ideal for a glass or 2 any night!


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