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The Bachelorette Bubbly!

Posted in Bubbly, food pairing, Uncategorized on August 21, 2010 by Julia

First, Congrats to my girl DREA!  We hosted a surprise ‘Bachelorette’ for her and enjoyed some very fresh Veuve Cliquot champagne for the occasion!

What’s there really to review about this wine?  Veuve Cliquot is among the best champagnes, and possibly the best under $100 (though I’m still partial to my Running/Rose champagne…)  Personally, I save this for special occasions- works really well as a gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings!!!, and you know, Thursdays:)  In any event, I was lucky enough to get to enjoy with some of the best girls on earth, one of whom is getting married!  Hence the following celebration.  The Champagne was perfectly chilled, crisp, a little dry, not too sweet.  It balanced very well with the ripe strawberries, too.  It was PERFECT as a 6pm appertif!

Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure… Continue reading

Running with Champagne? Yes.

Posted in Bubbly, food pairing, Rose, Uncategorized on May 3, 2010 by Julia

I promise this post will be including wine!!    Yesterday was my birthday!! and I “celebrated” by running the Cape13 relay, a 24h 200 mile 12-person relay race across the cape.   My amazing team and I spent about 22 of those hours.. awake, eating or running.  So, needless to say we were psyched to finish and we wanted to CELEBRATE!  Not only because we finished the thing but we WON our division and were only 2nd overall to an ALL men’s team while we had 7 women!!  How awesome is that?!  Clearly the women were not holding us back, we finished 2h and 40m in front of the next team in our division.  Unreal.  So, this is all to say, we wanted to celebrate and LUCKILY I had a handy bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge!  It was an amazing bottle of wine and was enjoyed by the team, which made it extra special. Continue reading