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What Would Voldemort Drink?

Posted in Crianza, Events, food pairing, Rioja on July 20, 2010 by Julia

Last night I tried a Spanish wine at a bar, which is often a dicey choice… depending on the bar.  I say that because Spanish wines are known for their variability in quality depending on the age, vineyard, climate, weather… it’s just a variable climate for grape growin’.  To intensify the problem of knowing which wine to select… you will always overpay for wine when you’re drinking “out” rather than buying your own bottle, so it’s hard to tell the price point/quality of the wine.  If you REALLY know your wines, then you’re probably just fine (and probably not frequenting the same establishments as I do).  I tend to be that girl who selects wine based on the label and the price (I typically choose more expensive Spanish wines to try to allay the potential for a bad one).  And seeing as bar prices reflect nothing of the bottle costs- it’s just a precarious venture.  But, I made that choice last night– with the Conde de Valdemar Crianza 2005.  It was well, interesting.  I might preface this a bit more by stating a good rule of thumb: if you’re in a typical bar is Somerville, especially one where you could find a full crew of people in running attire (short shorts, anyone?)

on a Monday night, you might want to skip the mystery Spanish wine and stick with a cold beer. Continue reading