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What Would Voldemort Drink?

Posted in Crianza, Events, food pairing, Rioja on July 20, 2010 by Julia

Last night I tried a Spanish wine at a bar, which is often a dicey choice… depending on the bar.  I say that because Spanish wines are known for their variability in quality depending on the age, vineyard, climate, weather… it’s just a variable climate for grape growin’.  To intensify the problem of knowing which wine to select… you will always overpay for wine when you’re drinking “out” rather than buying your own bottle, so it’s hard to tell the price point/quality of the wine.  If you REALLY know your wines, then you’re probably just fine (and probably not frequenting the same establishments as I do).  I tend to be that girl who selects wine based on the label and the price (I typically choose more expensive Spanish wines to try to allay the potential for a bad one).  And seeing as bar prices reflect nothing of the bottle costs- it’s just a precarious venture.  But, I made that choice last night– with the Conde de Valdemar Crianza 2005.  It was well, interesting.  I might preface this a bit more by stating a good rule of thumb: if you’re in a typical bar is Somerville, especially one where you could find a full crew of people in running attire (short shorts, anyone?)

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Honoring the World Cup! (with wine, of course)

Posted in food pairing, Full Body, Red, Syrah on July 12, 2010 by Julia

Recently, I decided to try a South African wine, in part to honor the World Cup that I understand many people have enjoyed.  Not exactly my cup of tea for TV sports?  But that’s alright, I appreciate the game’s athleticism and, ahem, aesthetic qualities.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the bold….  Goats do Roam Red 2008. Just an editorial note, because it’s hilarious… this is actually a word play on “Cotes du Rhone,” as the vineyard uses a blend of Rhône varieties such as Shiraz, Cinsaut, Carignan and Mourvèdre with a dash of local Pinotage.  The Goats do Roam vineyard now claims a history about an old herd of goats actually selecting the grapes for the first bottles…  I’ll let you decide what to believe.

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Running with Champagne? Yes.

Posted in Bubbly, food pairing, Rose, Uncategorized on May 3, 2010 by Julia

I promise this post will be including wine!!    Yesterday was my birthday!! and I “celebrated” by running the Cape13 relay, a 24h 200 mile 12-person relay race across the cape.   My amazing team and I spent about 22 of those hours.. awake, eating or running.  So, needless to say we were psyched to finish and we wanted to CELEBRATE!  Not only because we finished the thing but we WON our division and were only 2nd overall to an ALL men’s team while we had 7 women!!  How awesome is that?!  Clearly the women were not holding us back, we finished 2h and 40m in front of the next team in our division.  Unreal.  So, this is all to say, we wanted to celebrate and LUCKILY I had a handy bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge!  It was an amazing bottle of wine and was enjoyed by the team, which made it extra special. Continue reading


Posted in food pairing, Full Body, Malbec with tags , , , , , on April 28, 2010 by Julia

Cakey Wine, what could be better?

Layer Cake Malbec wine, that is…  This is supposed to be a wine blog, after all.  My most sincere apologies for not updating in many a moon.  I’ve been traveling- I have a Sauvignon to blog about, a bottle of Sake and a few others up my sleeve before my BIG TRIP to Italy, which I’ll also be posting about.  Early and often, I hope.  In any event, I’m going to start with my review of the Layer Cake 2008 Malbec, which I sincerely enjoyed!

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