Night Shift Brewing!

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This used to be a wine blog.. I hope readers are not disappointed in the slight… hiatus.   I’m saving by wine taste buds for Italy tomorrow.  Luckily the amazing brewers from “Night Shift Brewing” have provided some delicious content for review!  So, I’m going to do that instead 🙂

Fancy Glasses! My sized!!

This weekend, I attended a Night Shift Brewing Beer Tasting and it rocked.  From fancy glasses  to SEVERAL beers on tap, it was just a great, yet informative, party!

I tasted 5 beers!  All brewed by these skillful, local, Bowdoin-alum brewers!  Yes, they really were having that much fun. Continue reading

Wine Flight!

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Robin Williams and a little red wine absolutely MADE my trip to London.

It seems like an odd combination, and well, it is.  But let me start from the beginning.  My trip to Italy started at 9pm from Boston.  I flew British Airways, which is an airline I enjoy- they’re pretty service oriented and who doesn’t want to be serviced on an airplane?  (insert jokes, here).  I also have a slight crush on Brits.  I think it’s because of interactions like this:  I boarded the plane and when I gave the attendant my seat assignment she responded,“lovely!” as if I had anything to do with it.  But it just made me feel good, thinking to myself “yes, what a lovely seat assignment I’ve got, in that I will actually be seated for my trip to London.”  In any event, on my way to my lovely seat, I spotted this:

Yes, that’s right.  Double decker!  It must be the British- they like their transportation to have levels apparently.  I wonder if it’s more efficient fuel wise…  Anyway, I asked if I could take some pictures after we landed which, clearly, I did.  I’m an 8 year old at times.  An 8 year old who loves wine.  …Speaking of which…. Continue reading

Insane realizations about my trip to Italy

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Hello my lovely blog readers or just “hello self,” as the case may be.  I am not doing a real wine review here, but rather, filling you in on how I am going to make up for my deficit of wine reviews:  I am going to ITALY on Thursday! (I travel more than I deserve to… thank you family!)

Allow me to  present:

“Insane realizations about my upcoming trip to Italy”

To begin with, my family suckered me into invited me to go to Venice in order to paddle on their team in huge boat  in a race like this: (No I am not kidding).   A little bad ass, right? Continue reading

Running with Champagne? Yes.

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I promise this post will be including wine!!    Yesterday was my birthday!! and I “celebrated” by running the Cape13 relay, a 24h 200 mile 12-person relay race across the cape.   My amazing team and I spent about 22 of those hours.. awake, eating or running.  So, needless to say we were psyched to finish and we wanted to CELEBRATE!  Not only because we finished the thing but we WON our division and were only 2nd overall to an ALL men’s team while we had 7 women!!  How awesome is that?!  Clearly the women were not holding us back, we finished 2h and 40m in front of the next team in our division.  Unreal.  So, this is all to say, we wanted to celebrate and LUCKILY I had a handy bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge!  It was an amazing bottle of wine and was enjoyed by the team, which made it extra special. Continue reading


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Cakey Wine, what could be better?

Layer Cake Malbec wine, that is…  This is supposed to be a wine blog, after all.  My most sincere apologies for not updating in many a moon.  I’ve been traveling- I have a Sauvignon to blog about, a bottle of Sake and a few others up my sleeve before my BIG TRIP to Italy, which I’ll also be posting about.  Early and often, I hope.  In any event, I’m going to start with my review of the Layer Cake 2008 Malbec, which I sincerely enjoyed!

Continue reading

Low Key Cabernet (Hess 2007)

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Hess Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (though I had the 2007)

I wasn’t looking for anything special last night.  I just wanted an easy glass of wine to go along with my ratatouille leftovers… I know, I’m so fancy.  Saw this bottle on the counter and basically said to myself, “As long as this wine is still good?  (as in, hasn’t turned to vinegar), I’ll be happy.”  The wine isn’t something I would have picked up on my own– nothing special about it- no fancy label (yes I pick wines that way… all the time), not an interesting varietal; ostensibly, the Hess Cabernet Sauvignon was just a red labeled Cabernet Sauvignon.   But it was surprisingly satisfying for my low key, movie night mood.

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Odes to the Vinos

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It all started so innocently.

Well, sort of "innocently"....

Friday night we decided to do a bit of a wine tasting.  I thought we’d compare a little: 2 Pinot Grigios, 2 Malbecs and 2 random reds …. for 6 of us.   Not surprisingly, we ended up with 10 bottles for the seven of us, which landed us at The Burren at midnight showing off our temporary tattoos…  What can I say?  We’re a classy crew.   I asked this crew to help me write the blog entry for these wines… lucky for you? Actually happened.  I am going to share with you their “thoughts” on the wines we tasted.  But what you need to know first, is that these “thoughts” came together collaboratively, drunkenly, towards the latter part in the evening.  It was really a beautiful thing, but the poems (yes, poems) make just slightly less sense now, assuming you’re sober as you read this. Continue reading

Little Yering Pinot (like me?)

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Tuesday evening brought together some old friends, delicious food and of course.. vino.  We went to OM, which you can see offers an amazing assortment of Mediterranean and Asian infused cuisine.   After we chatted for a while, and pouuured over the menu, we selected our unique dishes and then I was asked to select a wine.  This was kind of challenge.  Just because I have a blog doesn’t render me an expert.  Remember, anyone can have a blog… Continue reading

Saucy Valentine’s Shiraz: Yalumba

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I spent my long Vday/Prez day weekend on the chilly cape… mostly inside, keeping warm with good food, movies and, of course, wine!  My [most excellent] Yalumba 2007 Shirazboyfriend bought a Shiraz that’s worth a little review.  It’s actually very different from the reds I’ve reviewed so far- I’d argue the taste is a bit more complex- more going on than simply fruit.  It’s the Yalumba Shiraz-Viognier 2007 and I think it’s a dynamic wine worth trying, especially for the price!  It’s saucy,  fun and perfect for a winter, spicy (Vday?) evening meal.  🙂 Continue reading

Sauvignon Blanc (yes, she drinks White, too!)

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Allow me to introduce a swath of wines all of which are sure to please (as far as I can tell so far).  They are the Sauvignon Blancs of Marlborough, New Zealand.  Someday I’ll actually have to visit this area to double-check that I really love all of its wines, but as far as I can tell remotely?  I do.  to get a sense of where this regions is:

Marlborough, NZ

Ok, so that might not mean much to you unless you’re some unique NZ climatologist.  I can tell you, it makes for some delicious grapes!  Here’s why… ish.

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