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Who is Julia Uncorked?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on January 13, 2010 by Julia

Salut!  I’m Julia and very much not French.  I am a 20-something living in Cambridge, MA and have a love of things delicious– cheese, chocolate and of course… wine!  So, I’m starting an amateur’s wine blog where  I’ll write about a wine each week that will vary in price, grape, mix and region (suggestions welcome!).  I have been needlessly partial to Malbec, Zinfandel, Spanish anything (Spicy!) and Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, NZ and I would like to use the blog to branch out to new wines and regions.  Suggestions, comments, critiques invited!

Notes on Language/Vocab:  I am REALLY new to writing about wine.  Sometimes I’ve actually made up terms to describe wines because I’ve never  studied the classical wine vocabulary.  In some respects, classical wine vocabulary is self-explanatory, in other ways, it’s quite technical.  While I’m going to try to explore the terms of connoisseurs, I will also hope to use my own descriptions when boring, old terms aren’t as potent as I think a wine might deserve (whether good or bad!).  I’m always interested in learning more– whether that is from wine resources, wine people or friends!

More about me:  I’m a sustainability coordinator for MIT, where I help to green the campus– from new capital buildings to renovating and retrofitting existing ones.   I’m interested in how the market deals with the increasing demand for sustainable products, which in all honesty, means I’m interested in the extent of greenwashing and determining what really helps the environment and what does not.  I do believe that the wine industry is tackling this issue today and I’m happy to be learning about screw-off tops, changes in transportation and weights of bottles.  The UK has particularly bad recycling processes for wine bottles and it’s good to see how other markets are picking up on that (flooring to use mashed up bottles for granulating their slick floors, for example).  Anyway, these might be mentioned from time to time on the blog too!